Welcome to Belgocatering

Delicious. Healthy. Sustainable.

Welcome to Belgocatering

For well over thirty years, Belgocatering has been at forerunner of premium quality, durable contract catering, event catering and banqueting. Our goal is to offer our guests fantastic culinary experiences, crafted by excellent chefs, prepared with the best naturally produced ingredients our select group of partners provide, served with pride and passion by our seasoned staff.

Proud to be PLATINUM

In januari 2024 werd Belgocatering de trotse ontvanger van het EcoVadis PLATINUM-label, wat ons een van de meest duurzaamheidsbewuste bedrijven in België maakt.

Na een korte periode als houder van het Zilver- en Goud-label, scoorden we 84/100 op onze laatste beoordeling, wat getuigt van de voortdurende en blijvende inzet die we hebben voor mens en planeet.

Je zal die inzet terugvinden in alles wat we doen: van de ingrediënten die we inkopen en de heerlijke maaltijden die we bereiden, tot onze strijd tegen voedselverspilling, ons verlangen naar schone energie en onze vastberadenheid om onze ‘direct trade’ en ‘true price’ initiatieven te maximaliseren.

Proud to be PLATINUM
Delicious. Healthy. Sustainable.

Delicious. Healthy. Sustainable.

At Belgocatering, we believe in enriching lives through exceptional catering services that create unforgettable experiences and foster community connections.

Our purpose is to make sustainable catering second nature by offering delicious, chef-driven meals that care for people, the planet and everyone’s overall wellbeing.

We are driven to FEED THE FUTURE by a commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, ensuring that every meal we serve is a step towards a healthier, better world.

Well done, you!

Well done to find our web site and make it to the bottom of our home page. We hope this means you are intrigued by, or even downright interested in, our approach to modern catering for a modern world.

In any case, we would be delighted to tell you more about what we do for our customers, and especially what we could do for you.
So don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to give you – quite literally – a taste of Belgocatering!

Well done, you!


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